Dear Dying To Be Accepted,

Hey Ladies & Co, My fiancé’s mom absolutely hates me!!! How do I handle being with someone who’s mother hates me? Any advice? I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, and with my fiance being a undercover momma’s boy – Their relationship is very strong, and I would never try and come between that however. I want to be accepted too. How can I try and improve the relationship with her? – Dying to be accepted.

Dear Dying To Be Accepted, First, congrats on your engagement!! Now on to the advice! It is important to remember that you are not marrying his momma, you are marrying that young man. Sometimes mothers don’t think anyone is good enough for their sons but as long as you know that you are making her son happy and treating him how he should be treated (and visa versa) – I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The best way to handle it in my opinion is to “kill her with kindness.” Even when she is being outright mean to you, ignore that behavior and be nice. It’ll probably annoy her at first, but then she should come around eventually. To improve the relationship, maybe invite her over for dinner and play cards, or go see a movie or even have a girls night just you and her! Just remember relationships are a two-way street, and you can’t force someone on the street if they aren’t trying to be on it. But like I said before, you are marrying that gentleman, not his mother. Continue to do you, and be happy. The rest will fall in place as it should.

Keep It Classy,


3 thoughts on “Dear Dying To Be Accepted,

  1. The Budget Divaa says:

    Love this advice! I’ve seen so often that the mother tends to try to be an active participant in the relationship & she’s most definitely not getting married, YOU ARE. So, focus on being fabulous & in love. Just kill her with kindness & she’ll eventually see just why her son fell in love with you.

    The Budget Divaa │

  2. audreycanblog says:

    I’ve been there, unfortunately!!! The moment things started changing for the better was when I stopped letting my would be MIL’s opinion of me affect me. Her thoughts did not reflect who I was as a woman, and all the things my (then) fiance loved about me… So it lost it’s power. The guy and I ultimately broke up (for other reasons), but by the end, his Mom and I were actually cool.

  3. Ak Brown says:

    Been there, done that. Ive found that the problem wasn’t the mom not liking me, but my significant other not standing up for me when in fact his mother crossed the line, it’s so frustrating!

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