Thoughts I Have Going Into Senior Year of College.

So Today is my first day of classes going into my last year at Hampton University. I am so overwhelmed with thoughts of everything because being a senior in college (about to graduate) is a huge deal! So here are some of the thoughts I am having going into my senior year of college.

Applying to Graduate school is expensive. Between the cost to take the GRE, GRE prep books, application fees, transcript fees, and everything else that goes along with I’m going to go broke – just from applying. I better get on somewhere all this investing I’m doing into higher education!
I’m not ready to be an adult. You know I don’t want to make My doctors appointment or have to go to the dentist alone. I appreciate my parents doing all these things for me I mean it doesn’t make me feel sheltered. all my money problems or if I need anything – they take care of me. Like I’m going to have to learn on my own how to do these things on my own soon, and I am not prepared.
I really don’t want this to be my last year of Hampton. When I applied it was a fluke I was just like this is my backup school. And then when I was excepted and invited to honors visitation weekend I just fell in love and I’ve been in love ever since. Why Should I leave the place I love so much.
But on the other hand, I am so ready to be done with school. I’m so tired of school. I just want to relax in my pajamas, and watch Netflix all day. Binge eat pizza, with no responsibilities. Why can’t life be that simple again?  I miss being a kid – when my worries were who was I going to play with at recess and what my mom packed for lunch today. In college, I actually have to pay attention and learn – yucky!
What am I supposed to do now? Graduating from grade school and I’m applying to graduate school. But this is like The overarching question that everybody asks is “what now?” It’s to the point where every week you asked at least twice. What’s your next plan? Are you applying to graduate school? then what and then what? And some people tell you that your plan isn’t good enough and then have the audacity to suggest their version of a “better” plan.The questioning is becoming so overwhelming.
I’ve heard that life is not so much about what happens to you, but how you react to it. Even though my senior year is already a bit overwhelming, I am determined this year to tackle my problems head on! I am determined to make this year the best and most memorable year yet!
Keep It Classy,

2 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have Going Into Senior Year of College.

  1. Allison Jones says:

    Having graduated college a few years back (wow…I’m showing my age), I can TOTALLY relate to this post! My senior year was a constant struggle between wanting to be done with college and everything associated with it and never wanting undergrad to end. As soon as graduation day came, I realized that the latter was true and that I was sad to say goodbye to my friends, sorority sisters, campus life, and even classes/professors. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to make the best out of your last year of college. Although I can’t quite say I want to relive it, I do miss college like crazy, as most people a few years removed do. I wish you the best of luck in your senior year! Although it can be overwhelming, make everyday count! The year will fly by!

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones

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