How To Make College The Best Experience of Your Life

So, My college years are quickly wrapping up here at Hampton Unversity. I feel like I’ve had one of the greatest experiences. I stay busy on campus, and with my school work, and scholarships. So here are some tips (and things I did) to have the best college career ever!

Get to know your professors. Your professors are such an invaluable and underused resources. Not only are they most likely in the career you are aspiring to, know people within that field of study. Professors good resources for professional development, as well as the professors can also help you with your classes. For example, if you are taking a class with professor A, and you’re not understanding it, you could go to professor B with whom you have a relationship with and they could possibly help you. Many of my professors (in and out of my major) send out TONS of opportunities for you to take advantage of. Sometimes professors will even put in a good word about you to others for more opportunities. Also, you may need a letter of recommendation or two down the road, with the relationships you build now with them will make them more likely to write a letter of recommendation letter for you.

Get Involved in Activities. Join some clubs or organization, rush a sorority, and do some activities! Do things outside of your comfort zone. Join things that are you are interested in, and a few things youre not! On campus there are tons of things to do, you jsut have to find them. Adventure outside of your dorm/apartment! Become well rounded, because graduated schools and some work force look for well rounded involved. You need to get out of your dorm, because saying in there you won’t meet new people, or learn who you are.

Get great grades. Sure, grades are arbitury measures of intelligence but they still matter. If you are planning on going to graduate school, or maybe playing with the idea of going to graduate school. Remember you are spending A LOT of money, to go to school get the most of out your money! Getting good grades also raises self-esteem because you are mastering a skill enough to be tested on it! I dont know about you, but learning in its self is a big deal to me. When I learn and understand a new concept, I always feel super excited and intelligent!

This may just be a Hampton University thing, but as a freshmen in college you should never eat by yourself (sophomore year is more acceptable). Freshmen year, you are still getting to know people so basically everyone is a friend you haven’t met you. Also freshmen friendships are still very fluid, just because you are friends for right now, doesn’t mean in three weeks you will be. There shouldn’t be any hard feelings but college is an adjustment period and you are still learning who you are as a college person, and so is everyone else in your year. I am saying all this to say meet new people, even people you don’t think youre compatible with.

Glo up in every way possible – mentally, physically, emotionally. College is exactly the right time to become your true self. If you want to stop all your bad habits, dye your hair blue, get a nose piercing, and stop taking people’s mess – GO FOR IT! Almost everyone recreates themselves in college. So build your confidence and self-esteem up, and walk in your purpose. As they say at Hampton, become Hamptonized. Change is not a bad thing. People often say when you come home from college “you’ve changed so much,” and “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” And that’s okay. You’re not supposed to remain the same person from high school or your childhood. Keep growing.

Be nice to everyone. I heard once that you should always behave kinder than you feel. Always be nice to janitors, cafe workers, staff, faculty, and anyone you pass by. You never know what someone is going through in their life, and a simple “hello”, “how are you doing,” or “you look nice today,” could chang their whole outlook on the day. I know personally when someone says have a good day to me, when I’m feeling crappy it always makes me feel so much better. Also going along with this smile, and make every day a good day. A lot of things in life are out of our control, but how we react and feel is mostly in our control. My mom told me once that happiness is a choice, and every day you should wake and choose joy. Even if you don’t feel happy, if you just smile it may make you feel better! Just try it for a week and see the different it will make. 
YOU MUST Document your college experience. Take pictures, and videos. Get a photo album, something! College goes by so quickly, and you will never get to go back to these moments. College is known to the best times of your life, so why not remember it forever. And when you are old with your grandchildren, you can show them how the world was different in comparison. It’s the best four years of your life, you’ll want to remember them when you’re old. Trust me. Take a lot of pictures, and videos and save them forever! 

What are some tips you have to make the most of your college experience? Or what will you be doing to make the most of it?

Keep It Classy,



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