Dear Middle School Love Affair,

Hi Ladies, I met this guy in middle school and had a huge crush on him. We dated a short time and he dumped me. Years later after high school, we reconnected and dated. I thought I was going to marry this man, and have his children. We had problems and I thought we could work them out but time and time again I found myself being dumped. I feel like he still is in love with me and cares about me. And I feel the same way. It’s been over a year since we’ve broken up. What do I do? – Middle School Love Affair.

Dear Middle School Love Affair,

There is only one thing you can really do: Let it goooooo, let it gooooooo! I’m sure you have an outfit from middle school that you used to LOVE but would never in a million years wear again today! This guy is just like that Roca-wear tee or Apple Bottom jeans that you were so in love with back then. Sure he’s fond memories and I’m sure he was your first love which is sweet. But you had a different mindset in middle/high school and I would hope that your taste in men has developed just as your taste in clothes has. If you have tried the same thing with the same guy time and again and still found yourself dumped, then you are knocking on the door to an empty house honey and you’ve got to move on. Discover what else is out here in this great big world! Don’t waste your time trying to rekindle an old flame. Leave it behind, look on it fondly, build on the experience to make you a better person in your next relationship. Out with the old and in with the new.

Nothing But Love,

– Aliah


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