A Search For the Future: Poem

So to start the new year off, I decided to share a poem that I wrote about the future. As some people know, I have been struggling with some internal “demons” of insecurity, feelings of not being good enough and low self-esteem. This year, I’ve decided to not allow these things to control my life (anymore), and to begin to live the life I want and deserve. So, I hope this inspires you to start living in your truth and living in the way you want to live.

To the girl that used to live inside me:

I’m sorry but you’re going to have to pack your bags and leave. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Just walk and don’t turn back.

The room you used to reside in has been reassigned, and you can no longer live here within the walls of my sanity.

You tiptoe around like poison, seeping into the depth of my mind, in to the hidden corners of this temple.

Take your baggage of insecurities, and self-hate with you.

Don’t let that suitcase full of failures that you are holding on to weigh you down on your way out.

Be sure to clean out that closet full of mistakes, and the dust of your past.

And take what you thought was a sprinkle of that self-esteem, but was really a large serving of shame all over the floor.

Take down the wallpaper of depression, Re-paint the walls with happiness because someone else is moving in.

She’s so beautiful with a head full of God, and peace in her soul.

A suitcase full of hope, and a wardrobe full of blessings is what she’s bringing.

She plans on redoing the foundation with strong family’s ties and love.

Building up walls of determination and strength, and put up curtains of compassion.

Filling her house full of the warm of passion, and the smell of kindheartedness.

Welcome Ms. Future, to your new home.

Love Always,

T. Renae

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