Monday Mindset For Love: Week 1

Welcome to the month of loveeeeeeeee! This month I decided I wanted to do a series that runs every Monday in February called Mindset For Love. So I will be giving “assignments” out every Monday for you to work on your love life.

Someone once told me you have to be ready for love to come into your life because love is serious and affects not only yourself but other people too. In my opinion, you shouldn’t just date to date, you should, at least, see yourself somewhat with them long term. So with that being said, one of the first steps in preparing yourself for love is to consider what you bring to the table. What attributes will you bring to the table?

“Assignment” – Consider and write out everything positive you will be bringing to the table to your relationship. Also, write down on a separate sheet of paper all of the baggage, and negative feelings you are still holding on to such as self-hatred, past relationships, etc. Take the things you bring to the table and post it on your mirror. And take the sheet of paper with your baggage on it. Take a day to really think about these things and the reasons you’re still holding on to them. Then pray about it and let them go.


(I am particularly fond of ripping it up, and flushing it – but whatever you decide. )
Comment below what things you bring to the table!
Keep It Classy,
– T.Renae.

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