12 Months to a better you: February

Heyyyy!!!  I hope you all did an AHHMMAZING job on the first moths challenge of drinking more water, specifically drinking half your weight in ounces. Leave a comment below on how the first month of the challenge went and what goals you set yourself. I will tell you while I was home it was a lot easier to do, but when I got back to school drinking half my body weight in ounces was kinda hard. I didn’t have as easy an access to water than I did at home and I am much busier at school and often time forgot to drink water. I am working on it though. Now don’t forget to continue this challenge into the next month!

The challenge for this month: Make Breakfast a Priority

I know some of y’all are going to be like, “Really Averi? That’s a no brainer.” But that is not the case for everyone. There are people who know breakfast is important and still don’t eat it, like my mother, and there are people who don’t know that eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism. However, keep those fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, juicy sausage and those scrambled eggs with cheese for the weekend. Also if you can help it stay away from the McGriddles, doughnuts, breakfast taco and anything else you can get in a drive through on your way to work. Keep it simple with some plain greek yogurt and granola, or even some whole grain cereal with non-fat milk and fruit. If you don’t have time for a wholesome breakfast then I would suggest portion control. Watch your sugar and carb intake and increase your protein, for example you can eat a bowl of oatmeal (no sugar added), two boiled eggs with a hint of salt and some orange juice. That is a breakfast that is packed with protein and ill keep you fuller longer.  Studies show that people who lost at least 30lbs and kept it off for a year or more ate breakfast every morning. If you have lost some weight recently like I have and keep it off try eating a great breakfast every morning and watch your energy increase and your waist line decrease!!


Until next month,


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