Dear Retaliation or nah?

Hey Ladies & Company, I have a bit of a sticky situation on my hands currently. My ex-boyfriend and the father of my son is now dating my ex-friend. The problem is the “friend” is someone I confided in while I was in a relationship with him. I was always telling her about the tough times in my relationships when I felt like I had no one else to turn to. I can honestly say that I never want this man back, and I am not hurt, nor jealous that they have found each other. However, I do feel a little upset because I feel disrespected!!! When we broke up, I stayed silent about the problems and the issues I had while in the relationship, however, he began to bash our relationship on social media constantly. Saying I was such a horrible girlfriend and like I didn’t treat him great. And it’s like first that bashing, now this! Also, my “ex-friend” just broke up with someone I consider to be like a brother to me to hop in this relationship with my ex. So I’m also dealing with him and his heartbreak and trying to help him be strong when I can barely be strong for myself. Sure my ex-friend and ex-boyfriend knew each other as children but lost contact after first grade. Am I wrong for wanting to retaliate, or at least, say something to the both of them. – Retaliation or Nah?

Dear Retaliation or Nah?

Thank you so much having the courage to submit your question to us via Instagram! Now for the advice -it sounds like this is a very tough situation. First of all, I would not retaliate – you are a better person than that. I would let your ex-boyfriend know that bashing you on social media is very immature and not cool, especially as you are the mother of his child. I would not go further than that because you should be the bigger person no matter what. It will make you feel better at the end of all this, you remained a classy young lady. I believe that you friend did break “girl code,” by getting together with your ex-boyfriend, even if she did know him as a child. I would honestly focus on helping your “brother’s” heartbreak because he needs you. I would not retaliate, because you are better than that. Focus on helping your brother, and being an awesome mother – and karma will come around as she always does.

Keep It Classy,

– T. Renae

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