Small Business Saturday: Bronzin’ Movement

Let me tell you all about my friend Ashley, AKA A.Lynn. She is one of the hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know at HU. She has an amazing up and coming brand: Bronzin’, and it has a phenomenal message. BRONZIN’ is a mantra of empowerment of men and women of color who vigorously glorify their shade of bronze. However, BRONZIN’ doesn’t discriminate. All shades are beautiful, especially while out in the sun.


Above all what does your brand stand for? What does it mean to you?

  • When I was younger, I was teased about my shade of bronze. Names that I’ve left in the past, did hurt me at the time. One time it was so bad, I remember looking at myself in the mirror thinking, “Wow. I’m not pretty. I’m too dark to be pretty.” I don’t want anyone, no matter their shade to ever think that their God-given bronze isn’t wonderfully made.  Ignorant opinions from others are not included in your life’s equation, so don’t even add the negatives.

IMG_9564 (1)

What do you think is most unique about your brand?

  • What’s unique about BRONZIN’ is that you get a chance to really appreciate and see just how many shades of bronze there is in the world. You can’t put BRONZIN’ into one category. BRONZIN’ is so very diverse and I love the fact that everyone can get their bronze on! However, people of color are the original bronzers, which makes BRONZIN’ even more special and unique.

How do you see The Bronzin’ Brand expanding in the future? Further than clothes and a mantra?

  • I believe BRONZIN will go far because it gives people a good feeling. The meaning could give someone who doesn’t embrace themselves as they are the confidence they need to bask in their bronze. I hope to one day expand beyond apparel, so that everyone can support the movement in their own way. With BRONZIN’ I plan to give back to our children and the community as a whole whether it’s a coat drive, or a dinner giveaway, or even monetary donations to charities. One day, I dream of having an annual, weekend-long BRONZE Fest where people who embrace all shades will come together and enjoy live music from some of the best artists, great food, and even greater people. I think the energy of the festival will be something so addictive and so empowering to the people. That’s truly what we need right now the society that we live in.

FullSizeRender (9)

Do you plan on bringing the Juice and Bronze together?

  • The Daily Juice is another one of my babies that I plan to take with me to the very top. Even though the two brands are separate, BRONZIN’ is attached to me so I say BRONZIN’ all the time, on and off the air.

How receptive do you feel your brand has been to your peers and friends?

  • Surprisingly, the support of the movement is outstanding. I was just shocked at how quickly the brand picked up. That means the message of self-confidence and love for all people is being understood. That is the goal and that goal will remain.

What is it like being a Young, Black Woman Entrepreneur? and how has it changed who you are? Or made you grow?

  • I can truly say that great things come when you least expect it. I never imagined myself being an entrepreneur but, I am now. It happened so fast and there’s so much that I am still learning along the way but, it helps to have trusted colleagues to call on when I have a new idea. Now you can’t call on everybody because everyone doesn’t want to see you succeed which I said trusted colleagues. And there are very few in my circle. I am thankful for them.

FullSizeRender (12)

Do you have any tips to a young person who would want to start a business or even enhance their brand?

  • My advice for anyone starting their brand or business is to always thoroughly plan and think ahead before making your next move. Be anxious for nothing, everything will happen at the right time. Also, never compare your brand and what you’re doing to someone else’s. What’s for them is for them and what God has planned for you – nothing can stop that from happening. I saw a tweet the other day that said, “Treat your brand like it’s a Fortune 500 company.” Think like a success, act like a success and you will be just that. And lastly, never let go of your dreams and goals set for your life. Nothing in the world can stop you from walking out your purpose EXCEPT YOU.

Lastly, what do you want people to know about your brand and why it’s amazing?

  • I want people to know that BRONZIN’ is the new beam of greatness in a world so dark. We have let society place our race, the human race, in various stereotypical categories. Especially, for “minorities”. I don’t know about you but, I am no one’s minority. I love my bronze and we can no longer accept the hurtful labels that have been placed upon us for hundreds of years. For my original bronzers, never be ashamed of your bronze. No matter how dark or how light your bronze may be, love it unapologetically. Everyone can get their bronze on, especially while out in the sun but, for some of us, our bronze comes naturally. And that’s okay. Either way, we are a beautiful race-the human race and “We Don’t Tan, #WEBRONZE.”


Get your Bronzin’ Shirt Today and vigorously glorify YOUR shade of bronze – here !

Follow the Bronzin’ Movement on Instagram: @theoriginalbronzers and Twitter: @originalbronze

also check out her BOMB Radio show here.


-T.Renae (below is me rocking my Bronzin’ Shirt and a silly face.)



One thought on “Small Business Saturday: Bronzin’ Movement

  1. sockwunphng says:

    A.Lynn’s brand is so empowering! I’ve been engaging in conversations lately with other people of color about how a majority of us grew up hating the way we look because our skin’s not “the right color” or our hair’s “not pretty enough” simply because we grew up in a world where the media represented (and still do to this day) such a skewed version of beauty. We definitely need more voices like A.Lynn’s to move our society forwards and away from ridiculous stereotypes and man-made categories! Thank you for sharing this!

    Sockwun |

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