From The Mouths of Men: How to be Approached.

I finally came up with another “From The Mouth of Men” question, partially because I was genuinely curious as to what these young men would say, but also because some of my close friends complain about NEVER being approached when they’re out and about. So I asked some of my closest guy friends: “What tips would you give a young lady that wants to be approached in the club, or in the mall, etc.?”

“Like for real as a woman, it’s hard because you rely on men to come up to you rather then you coming up to them. And some of your woman counter parts with the bad attitudes have all but ruined some men’s confidence so they rarely approach women . But I would say in the mall, there’s nothing you can do except make eye contact and smile. At the club, just be responsive – if you see someone you’re interested in and if they’re not coming up. You should go up to them and to try to make genuine conversation. Literally about anything, they’ll take as a sign your interested.  When you talk to them, make eye contact and laugh at every joke – even if it isn’t funny and make physical contact such as an arm touch rub and be funny. If you have a conversation with someone and he doesn’t ask for you number be cute and cleverly like say “Aren’t you forgetting something? ” and if replies what, say “my number ” you’ll both laugh and he’ll definitely ask for it.” -Ronnie.
“If you want to be approached, be approachable! Women who come off as “hard to get” just based on the attitude and vibe they give off will normally deter the types of guys they would want approaching them. Don’t be full of yourself. Not every guy who starts a conversation with you is attracted to you. Be open to conversation. Don’t be dull and standoffish. Learn to let guys you’re uninterested in down easy. If guys see another guy get dubbed, they’re less likely to approach that same girl. And always remember, there’s nothing wrong with being the approach-er. ” -Quenton.
“Tips I would give a young lady trying to be approached would be ironically make yourself approachable do not come off as mean or stuck up. Be yourself and know your worth. Stand your ground and speak your mind. Smiling is always the best policy.” -Greg
“For a girl that wants to be approached in different settings, smiling and being a little outgoing via initiating interactions would make it more likely for guys to approach” -David
“Dress for success. ” Ras
“She don’t want to be stank, so don’t be in the middle twerking. Don’t be going. Look like you want to be there, you don’t want to be the mean girl in the club. Look approachable. Starts at home, make sure you look good, before you leave the house.” – Sharod.
“Why not do the approaching yourself? And If you’re too shy to do the approaching yourself, smile. ESPECIALLY if you have RBF (resting bitch face)” -Devin
“The girl should look friendly, don’t play hard to get, read the dude, but don’t judge right off that back because all dudes aren’t dogs. Oh, and please look presentable lol” -Zack
“Honestly I don’t know.. Just something creative or to catch my attention.. The choice of words varies from situation to situation and based on each person’s personality ” -Derron
“To grow up and talk to the guy first because 90% of the time, “the good guy” ain’t gonna talk to you first. The “ain’t shit guy” will. We go to the mall to do the same thing as y’all except the “ain’t shit guy” will be going with his people to pick up some easy sex. Just talk to who you like, your adults, ain’t nobody gonna care or label you, if they do than “Fuck em!” (*Bernie Mac Voice*). Life’s too short to going around thinking too much about that and regretting not talking to that person. That’s all I gotta say……….From a brother who gets no love to those lonely sisters” – Wilfred
“That guys are going to approach you if she wants them to or not but in my opinion occasional glances but make sure he’s looking obviously, inviting body language, smile helps for some. But overall a guy will make a move anyway.” -Andrew
“The one tip I’d give is don’t act like you’re too good to be talked to. ” – Kalen
“I’d have to agree with Kalen, you must look approachable. If a guy advances towards you don’t make that “What does this n**** want?” face. Don’t be too reserved either basically engage with at least one person so it doesn’t look like nobody can talk to you.” – DeVante

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