Small Blog Saturday: “The Melanin Project Blog”

So my childhood best friend and her best friend from college teamed up to make this incredible up and coming blog. I could tell you all the reasons why you should read it, but they do a much better job of explaining it. I believe that blogging should always be a reflection of who you are and your experiences – not necessarily for the views, likes or comments – and their blog embodies that notion.

Above all what does your brand stand for? What does it mean to be you?

  • The brand that we try to push through the Melanin Project Blog is one of diversity, exposure, representation, and celebration. We wanted to add to the Black Girl Narrative and show that Black Women/Girls come with various personalities, interests, and ambitions. Black Girls are not a fixed personality/stereotype. We are fluid and variant. The Melanin Project Blog is simply one outlet that shows two examples of the positive diversity that Black Women/Girls possess.

What do you think is most unique about your brand?

  • We do not necessarily think our brand is that unique. We are simply an additive to the ongoing movement of Black Women/Girls finding their own autonomy and reclamation of defining themselves.

How do you see your brand expanding in the future? Further than where it is in what ways? What would be different?

  • We really have not thought too far into the future about where we see the blog. Ideally, we would like to have a bigger following and impact but beyond that we take it a day at a time. 🙂 

Do you plan on doing some collaboration work in the future?

  • We have not discussed collaborations yet but I do not believe we will ever be against collaborating with others in the future.

How receptive do you feel your brand has been to your peers and friends?

  • Very receptive we would say. Our friends, family, and peers are very supportive of us and all that we do which helps a lot in keeping our blog running. They are our inspiration to keep working at it and hopefully, we will be able to pass on that inspiration to others.

What is it like being a young, black woman blogger? And how has it changed who you are? Or made you grow?

  • It’s a beautiful, evolving experience. Being a young, black woman blogger is liberating and therapeutic. It has made us more conscious and self-aware in the best of ways. By blogging and brainstorming for our blog, we have come to appreciate ourselves and each other so much more. We all have amazing attributes and talents which was uncovered through this blogging journey.

What would you tell a young Black Blogger that is feeling discouraged with the process?

  • If you are doing it for you everything will fall into place. Do not obsess over the amount of views, likes, or followers. Focus on yourself, what makes you happy, and those who have chosen to take part and follow you throughout this amazing experience.

Do you have any tips to a young person who would want to start a blog?

  • Just do it! There is no better time like the present. Do not be afraid to grow with your blog. By that I mean sure, you may not know everything there is to know about running a blog but with time and practice – you will.

Lastly, what do you want people to know about your brand/blog and why it’s amazing?

  • Our blog is positivity simple and true. We do not condone nor do we endorse bigotry or any of the -isms/phobias. We wish for our blog to be an evolution of welcoming growth that all can enjoy and take some sort of happiness away from it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.44.01 AM

Be sure to check the blog out here.

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With Lots of Love,

– T.Renae

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