So for a while now, I have been thinking about doing a social media detox. If I am being honest, as a young 20-something, I love social media – it’s a been a large part of my life growing up. I love feeling connected to all my classmates since now we are no longer within walking distance to each other. I love seeing inspiring random people living their “perfect” lives. Social media provides a ton of distractions and entertainment.

But as much as I “love” social media, the more I was on it, the more I felt like I wasn’t “measuring up” to my friends and associates. My friends were starting these amazing jobs, beginning their graduate school adventures, moving into their lovely (and often beautiful) apartments, being in relationships, getting married – all things that I have been praying for and wanting for my life. I was genuinely happy for my friends, and still feeling some type of way because those things weren’t happening for me (yet).

I won’t say social media caused my discontentment with my life, but it definitely enhanced it. I just felt like I was not focusing on where God has me now, on my lane and what He wants me to learn in this space. I was filling my time with meaningless things on social media as a way to buffer my feelings of discontentment, instead of focusing on my path. I don’t want to miss anything God has for me on my path, by being jealous of someone else’s path.

So for about two weeks now, I have been researching different methods of social media breaks and I decided the best method for me would be to stop cold turkey. But I am kinda cheating, I am still going to blog and use Youtube (because I love to watch bible studies and devotionals on there). However I am taking a break from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and Pinterest. My blog posts automatically post there, so I don’t have to worry about sharing the post, and you will still be able to get them the way you have been. 🙂

I plan to use this time away from social media to focus on building a stronger relationship with God, start back reading (which I used to love to do), and do more of what makes me happy – not what I think will get me the most likes or looks the best on my snapchat. It’s been a day and half now, and it is going pretty well (outside of the not knowing what to do with my phone). I’m not exactly sure how long I will do it, but my goal is to go for at least one month. I will update you all as it goes!

Have you done a social media detox? Or thought of doing a social media cleanse? Share below in the comments.


– T. Renae 🙂



2 thoughts on “Unplugged.

  1. Anne (The Three Legged Deer) says:

    I’m trying a social media detox for the same reasons! It honestly feels really good to do it, too. It’s feels like removing yourself from a wild NASCAR race that never ends. Good luck to you, and I hope you get the renewal that you’re looking for. Good post 🙂

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