TOP 5 Shows That You Should Definitely Start Binge-Watching. 

These are in order (mostly) of my favorites.


Lost. Lost is my absolute favorite series on Netflix. It took me a while to finish due to me being in school, however, this series was crazy! I loved it. It has tons of episodes and lots of unexpected twists and turns. You literally don’t know how it’s going to end – until it does. Plot (no spoilers) : Basically a plane crashes on a “deserted” island, and the survivors try to survive on their own.


The Walking Dead. I absolutely love this show. It’s a little on the suspenseful/scary side. It has just the right amount of cliffhangers and pretty interesting storyline to keep you interested for the long haul. I find myself getting really attached to the characters because they all have such different stories and mannerisms. The basic plot is these are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, and the story follows them as they adjust to this new world and try to figure out how to be apart of this world.

stranger-things-title-cardStranger Things. This series has just started but it has a lot of potential. This show is much more suspenseful than The Walking Dead, but I still made it through (and I’m afraid of everything) – and I would probably watch the show again! I really loved the character development and how quickly the show turns. The basic plot without spoilers is that a young boy in a small town gets abducted and his mother, a police officer and his friends go out searching for him. This basic plot makes it sound boring, but I promise it is not! Just watch the first episode and you’ll understand!

6360558774932560451072635772_tgit-3ShondaLand Shows: Grey’s anatomy – if you like getting your heart broken, plus a lot of feel good moments and romance. This is the show for you. The show has a healthy 13 seasons. And it will take you a while to get through them all. Basically, the plot of this show following the story of Meredith Grey and her friends through their medical residency. Scandal is also a juicy series with a lot of drama. This show is about American Politics, and focuses mainly on Oliva Pope’s crisis management team – and how they solve the day to day politic scandals in the nation’s capital. How to Get Away With Murder basically follows a criminal defense lawyer and law school professor, Annalise Keating. She enlists the help of her 4 top students to help her with cases at her law firm, and crazy “events” begin to happen that test the limits and strengths of everyone. This is the most plot twisting show that I’ve ever seen.



Game of thrones. I’m a total historical fiction buff, and this show satisfies that thirst plus it has little touches of sci-fi. I’ve recently restarted the series, and I love it so much. If you’re into historical fiction or just looking for a show with a lot of drama and sex – this is it. So this show is basically about kings and queens and power struggles, and the tales of politics with a bit of mystical beings thrown in.

All of these shows are on Netflix except for Game of Thrones, which is on HBO.

What are some of your favorite shows to binge??


– T.Renae

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