Sunday SoapBox: Rejection

I hate rejection with passion and honestly, I don’t know anyone who gets thrilled about being rejected from something they want. But recently, I’ve been trying to think about the negatives that are going on around me as positive things. I think there is amazing power within our mind that potentially can shape our reality. So I’ve been meditating and thinking about the following quote a lot.

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

This quote reminded me of that picture of God with the little girl and she’s holding on to a small teddy bear, and behind God’s back is a bigger and better one – and literally all she has to do is give up the old one to get the better one.


What if holding on to rejection (and the hurt associated with it) is doing the same thing to us – keeping us from whatever is bigger and better in the future? Isn’t that comforting? Sure you wanted that thing badly but wouldn’t you rather wait for something better. I know for me that’s an easy choice. I’ll wait for the better thing.

Rejection sucks, but I believe it is a necessary evil. Rejection, at least for me, slows me down for a moment but then eventually motivates me to do better and work harder. For example, I was rejected from a lot of grad schools, and for a moment I felt really discouraged, but now I use that hurt and anger to work harder to build a better application package.

How do you deal with rejection? Share below in the comments!


– Tanesha.

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