How to throw An Amazing SURPRISE Party !

I absolutely adore the idea of Surprise Parties… for other people. In theory, I would love a surprise party – but I want to be involved in the planning. Does that make me a control freak?

Anyways, so for my dad’s birthday my mother and I decided we were going to throw him a surprise party! Side note: Happy Birthday Dad!! Today is his actual birthday! So here are some of the things that we learned along the way of throwing the surprise party as well as some general things you need to know!

  • First of all, does the person who you are considering throwing this SURPRISE party for someone who would like the surprise? For example, if the person is super shy or does not like to be the center of attention – they probably wouldn’t want a SURPRISE party.
  • Conspire with someone trustworthy and who will help share the burden. It’s good to have someone (between the two of you) who knows how to throw a great party in general and won’t forget the small details.
  • You have to consider how you are going to get all of the surprised’s friends together – so someone who is good at social media or just plain getting in contact with folks would be super beneficial. For us, I basically just logged into my dad’s computer lol.
  • Plan plan plan – have multiple plans A, B, C, and D. Because something is bound to go off the path. Especially dealing with everyone who is invited and the surprisee. For example, my dad decided to take off work on the Friday that we were planning his surprise party, so we had to come up with a different plan around him being home, which included going to the movies. Also with this plan a diversion, you don’t want the person thinking you forgot their birthday so plan a small dinner for a different day so they won’t suspect anything.
  • Remember it’s not about you, more so the person you are surprising. You might love balloons and steamers, however, the person you are surprising might not like those things! Also with this tip, have fun! I would not advise you to stress yourselves out too much over the little things and just make sure that you and the person you are surprising have a great time.

Have you ever been to or thrown a surprise party? Or do you have tips or tricks on throwing one? Share below in the comments!


– Tanesha



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