Welcome to the first page of the 2017 book! You have 365 days to make this year the best one yet! Remember a minute of unhappiness is 60 seconds of happiness you are losing. I know, at least for me, 2016 was uncomfortable. But as my mentor once said, “Growth isn’t comfortable, and it shouldn’t be.” I hope that 2016 brought you the trials, tribulations, and lessons that you needed to make 2017 your year. I know everyone says “Oh, this year will be my year!” like every year, but I truly believe that it will be the year you need it to be. It will be exactly what you need it to be, trust me.

For me, this year I want to be better overall. I want to become healthier, happier, more involved with things that bring my life joy, closer to the Lord and not sweating the small things anymore.

What are some things you want to manifest in the new year – a new job, career change, happiness? Share below in the comments!


– Tanesha

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