Life Update & Changes Coming to Ladies & Co!

thankyou.jpgLife Update & Changes Coming to Ladies & Co!

Hey, my loves! I know, I know – I haven’t been on here very much because my life has literally been all over the place with starting new projects, me trying to get a better handle on things that are within my control, and practicing better self-care by only doing things that make me ultimately happy.

# 1 – I started a YouTube channel! I have literally been saying I was going to start one for years it seems like. I really started it as a way to document my life and growth as I am getting into “real adulthood.” Thus far I really love it – creating content, editing videos, and all that is really awesome for me to put my creative juices to work. I also like just being able to have a tiny bit of a following is super cool because I want my channel to be a place of love, happiness and real life experiences that others can learn from. The Channel’s name is Renae’s Corner. If you wanna check out my channel (no pressure!!) – do so by clicking here ( and if you want to stay up to date with the things happening in my life be sure to subscribe (again, no pressure!!). Oh! And for the month of April – I will be posting every single day!

#2 – I have decided to stop killing myself trying to post three times a week on Ladies & Company. As many of you all know, it is just me writing – and has been for the past year or so. I was literally driving myself insane trying to post so much. I know, I haven’t even been doing the three times a week as we have gotten into the new year, but I was still literally trying. I felt like I was talking about the same things and not really giving you all my best work. So to correct this situation, I am going to scale back my writing to once a week. I feel like not only will this give me more time to come up with good (italicized) content (and promote this new content properly) as well as be able to live my life without feeling as guilty.

#3 – I am going to disband the Ladies & Company Instagram page. Honestly, I was not posting enough on the page, and it kinda died. So I am going to merge both Ladies & Company and Renae’s Corner into my personal Instagram as a way to just consolidate everything and not have a billion accounts (I know, it’s only three but it feels like so many). So be sure to follow me on Instagram by clicking this link here ( If you already follow my personal account, no my page won’t be bogged down with advertisements for my blog posts or my new videos! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram – I will be starting to do Insta-Stories and Insta-Lives. (Starting after April 17th)! (Quick note: my IG is going to be in transition for a few weeks, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see hardly any pictures up – I’m working on rebranding my page).

#4 – I just want to thank you all for your continuous support of this blog. Ladies and Company is literally my baby that I share with the world. I promise I will continue to post and encourage and motivate you all, as I encourage and motivate myself. I appreciate every single viewer on this blog and I love you all soooooo very much!

Love you all! Be sure to check back next Monday for a new blog post 💕


– Tanesha

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