Man Crush of the Month: DJ Hammer

Summer, Summer, Summertime! **sings** Welcome to another exciting issue of Man Crush of the Month! This month’s crush is Chris Ham, also known as DJ Hammer. He’s a 24-year-old, single man from Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Ferrum College with a Computer Information Systems Degree (Tech Support Emphasis) and a Business Minor. While attending Ferrum, Chris played football for four years. He currently works in Richmond, VA as a full time, Data Analyst. Outside of that, He has been a DJ for 7 years, Co-CEO of an independent record label (MADHouse Muzik) based in the Hampton Roads Area, as well as working on a handful of business projects that are currently expanding along the east coast. He has also dedicated his life towards striving for greatness, not only within himself but as well as within the hearts and minds of others.

“Everyone is capable of achieving whatever it is that you could ever want it just takes the right mindset and environment to do so”


Now on the rest of the interview!

How would you describe your personality in three words?

Knowledgeable, Driven, SuperHero

What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in? What did you learn?

2 years. I won’t say that it made me give up on Love, but I will say it taught me to take a much more focused approach on loving myself first…the rest will happen eventually.

What motivational words would you tell someone on the come-up?

“You can’t lose if you never quit” – Hammer


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Approaching retirement from Corporate America

Who has been the most influential person in your life?


What’s your personal theme song?

Redbone x Childish Gambino (Actually anything from the “Awaken, My Love!” album)

What are your lifetime ambitions?

Impact local, national and global change
What are your career goals?

My career goal is to achieve an amount of wealth that will allow myself to become financially free, which by default will put me in the position to effect real change in the world.

Why do guys tend to hide your feelings and not fully express them?

I believe guys hide their feelings due to past hurt which then turns into the “Fool me once” mentality.

What are you most afraid of living in today’s society?

I don’t believe I have been given a spirit of fear…with that being said the only person I fear in today’s society is myself.

How do you seize and take advantage of every single day?

Looking at each new day as another chance to compete in the game of Life!

What do you feel men aren’t recognized enough for?

Men will always feel like they aren’t recognized enough for the work that they do. Simply due to the fact that as a man you always want to compare yourself to someone else.

How are you changing the world?

I am changing the world by genuinely caring. By empowering, motivating and increasing people in societies mental, spiritual and financial well-being.

Do you have a brand? Share what it’s purpose, mission and goals here –

Yes, the brand originally being Team Hammer has as of the year 2017 been molded into what is now named Hammer Global. The purpose of Hammer Global is to always strive for more and to never be complacent with anything in life. It is much more than a DJ business and it is way more than just achieving wealth. Hammer Global is a lifestyle in which all are welcome to become apart of. With the end goal being to enrich lives, empower our youth of tomorrow and truly LIVE.

What’s one thing you want the world to know about you and who you are?

If I could narrow it down to a single thing that I would want the world to know about me and who I am is that I will never give up in people. As long as we believe in one another we can accomplish anything.


Want to connect with DJ Hammer – Here’s his social media:

To check out all of DJ Hammer’s Pictures follow his Instagram

DJ Hammer’s Adventures Via Twitter or Snapchat

On Facebook – DJ Hammer

And His Personal Website –

MadHouse Muzik’s Instagram  And Facebook

4 thoughts on “Man Crush of the Month: DJ Hammer

  1. Nekisha Ladd says:

    That’s my cousin! I have known him since he was born and he has always had a good heart and an unbroken spirit. Love his never give up attitude. GO COUSIN doing big things. I’m so proud of you

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