Tanesha, What Happened??

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Okay y’all, so I know with the last life update I said I was going to do better with posting And then I barely did any better! I promise this time I am really going to get better with this! I have already started scheduling out posts! (If I don’t get better, send me an email and yell at me. Well don’t really yell because I’m sensitive).

I am so so sorry, but sometimes life happens! Good news is I got accepted into this wonderful, incredible, magnificent Post-Baccularaute/ Graduate School Fellowship! Basically I had a little less than a month to get everything ready and together for me to move to *drum roll* Pittsburgh! So basically I moved 7 hours away from my home and family to embark on this wonderful (yet scary) adventure.

If I were to tell you that I was not feeling any anxiety about this, I would be lying to you! Moving out has been more difficult than I gave it credit for. Not only is moving physically exhausting (like I never want to move again, ever!), but its also mentally exhausting for me. I wanted nothing more for over a year to be able to move out into my own apartment away from my parents. But, the reality of it is I am very lonely without them. I really thought I was ready, however, my emotions proved that was lie.

I am slowly getting adjusted to being on my own though, and it is proving to great. It takes time to get used to new things. But if I would’ve waited until I felt I was ready to do anything, I would still be standing on the side of the pool and never would have jumped in.

If you are waiting to do something, this is your sign to just do it! Apply for that job, reach out to that old friend, look into grad school programs that you consider to be out of your league, shot your shoot with someone you’re interested in! JUST DO IT. The results will astound you. You owe it yourself to at least try. I am rooting for you!

Talk to you soon.


– Tanesha Renae

4 thoughts on “Tanesha, What Happened??

  1. mzveejay says:

    Your move was bitter sweet for all of us! I am so elated that stood your ground and stepped out on faith! God got you! This is a good thing!!


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