Man Crush of Month: Charles

This month’s man crush is Charles and it is also his birthday month – so Happy Birthday Charles!!! I met Charles about 3 years ago, during an internship at Stanford University. He’s is one of the sweetest and kind-hearted young man I know. He is a single, 23 years old, from Amelia, Virginia. He works for the Cumberland County School District as a substitute teacher for three different schools. It is there he enjoys outing a smile on the faces of the next generation of workers and scholars. He is also the head coach for both the Varsity Wrestling Team and Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team. However, this is not Charles’ end goal – he plans on becoming a high school guidance counselor at a rural community high school. During his free time, Charles likes to play video games to unwind and watch professional wrestling shows. He is about to begin a training program that might allow him to make it into the larger professional company of WWE. A fun fact about Charles is that in his younger days, he was called an Oreo until he began attending college and truly discovered the meaning of Black Culture.


How would you describe your personality in three words?

I’m a Paradox


Which do you prefer to listen to your heart or your brain? Why?

My heart. I’m a hopeless romantic so sometimes, the heart knows best what the brain does not.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Candice Patton


Who do you think should make the first move males or females? Why?

I don’t feel like the first move should be classified under either sex. Sometimes a woman will see what a man cannot when they first see a man and it’s the same with men – sometimes we see something before a woman will. So really either sex can make the first move and it’s deemed alright.


What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in? What did you learn?

Three years. That people grow and sometimes that means they grow out of the person you fell in love with.


What motivational words would you tell someone on the come-up?

Always believe in yourself because when you start to make it, the people who pushed you will become the people that will try to pull you back down.


What’s the most awkward date that you’ve ever been on?

Haven’t been on a date so I don’t even know.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years, I’m either wrestling professional or working in someone’s high school making a difference in a child’s life. Hopefully, I’m engaged or married and waiting for the right time to have our first child.


What do you usually do to let a girl know that you are interested in her?

I tell them, “Hey I am interested in you and I was wondering can we get to know each other better?”


What is your favorite and least favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing is my commitment to whatever goal I set before myself to get it done. My least favorite thing is my height, I just want two more inches so I can date and not have to worry about a young lady being taller than me in her heels.


Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My mother.

What’s your personal theme song?

Rose Golden by Kid Cudi feature Willow Smith


What are your lifetime ambitions?

To have a family and be one of the greatest fathers and husbands to ever be imagined.


What are your career goals?

To be a high school guidance counselor in a rural high school


How are you changing the world?

By giving even the worst labeled students a chance at a better life and believing in them.


What’s one thing you want the world to know about you and who you are?

I’m just a blunt honest Black man, who is a hopeless romantic that just wants to love and cherish the people in my life.


Why do men often overlook the average girl?

Because men want more. A man will always want to find the best as a trophy to show everyone and say “hey this is mine – look but never touch it.”


What are you most afraid of living in today’s society?

Jesus coming back before I can start a family.


How do you seize and take advantage of every single day?

By waking up and just trying


What do you feel men aren’t recognized enough for?

For caring for someone openly.



Want to connect with Charles – Here’s his social media:

To check out all of Charles’ pictures follow his instagram

Charles’ Adventures Via Snapchat and Via Twitter

Or Add him on Facebook – Charles Franklin Taylor Jr

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