Love Yourself Challenge: Week 7 – Postive Vibes Only 

So Friday is typically the best day of the week. But after your week just felt like a marathon, the thought of pushing through one last day of work can be extremely unappealing. Yesterday, Thursday, I exuded every ounce of focus I had and every amount of energy to work for a total of 12 hours straight and make significant progress on a project I am working on. After I finally left my office at 10:00 pm I ordered cookies, and ice cream and treated myself to a movie. This resulted in my staying up until 1:00 am, way past my bed time. So when my 7:00 alarm went off this morning to wake up to do my devotion, go workout, and eat a healthy breakfast I slept right through it and woke up to my 9:00 alarm.

Now usually I would beat myself up about this but today I decided that I was going to have a good day regardless of how yesterday went and regardless of how my day started. I woke up late, accepted the fact that I was most likely going to be late to work and I went on about my day. I took my time getting ready, did my hair, put some make up on, and put on a nice dress that I feel comfortable in yet also feel fabulous in.

Today I declared that no negative thing was going to ruin my Friday. I declared that today would be a great day, and that I would work my butt off and then enjoy my weekend to the fullest. This morning I understood how important it was to treat myself well. In a world full of negative vibes, negative stereotypes, and negative experiences it is so important that we radiate positivity into our own lives. If we live life expecting the world to give us the positivity that we need to feel good and have a good day we will be let down significantly. Not everything will be perfect and not everything will go as planned, but that does not mean that we should lose our joy. Each day that God wakes us up in the morning is another day that there is a purpose for our lives. We cannot let this world or own shortcomings take away from the joy that God desires for us to experience. Positive vibes only.  

When negative things happen, what is the positive? Negative: I didn’t wake up at 7:00 today. Positive: I got 2 extra hours of sleep. Negative: I didn’t work out this morning. Positive: I get a day to rest my sore muscles. Negative: I didn’t spend quiet time with God this morning. Positive: I get to fight this world to spend more time with God throughout the day, thus increasing my dedication. Negative: I didn’t eat a healthy breakfast. Positive: I get to eat 2 cookies and Panera first thing in the morning. Negative: I got to work late. Positive: I kept my peace and sanity by not rushing myself.
My day could have gone two drastically different ways today but I chose to dwell in the positivity that surrounded me. But the best is yet to come. Maintaining positive vibes does not only mean looking at past events in a positive way or finding the positivity in my present, but it also mean looking positively into my future. I do not foresee anything negative today. I look into my future and I see joy peace and happiness. I am setting out to put forth the best project that I can, to have an incredibly delicious lunch, and to enjoy this beautiful day that God created. So although this week has felt like a marathon and I am in the most tiresome leg, instead of focusing on how tired and exhausted I am, I am focusing on the fact that as soon as I cross that finish line I will be finished running and I will get a nice refreshing bottle of ice cold water. And you know what, you typically feel better after the marathon than you did before it started, so all is well.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangle. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of God. Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:1-3 NIV

​Do not let the negativity of this world or your own personal shortcomings weigh you down. We have to focus on the positive, we have to focus on the joy that lies ahead so that we may power through the things that this life throws at us. Life isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun but it sure is worth it. What is your reward that is waiting for you at the end of your race? What are those positive things and experiences that you can focus on to help you over the hurdles of life?

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praise worthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8 NIV

AKA Positive Vibes Only. Summed up, my positive vibes for today are living right, looking good, and feeling better. What are your positive vibes?


If your life puts a smile on your face you’re in a positive place, – Heather 

Love Yourself Challenge: Week 7

Week 7: Positive Vibes Only

Woooohooo! We have made it to our 7th week into our Unapologetically Loving Yourself Like A Queen Challenge! I am so proud of your for sticking this out with us! Today (and the rest of the week), do not participate in ANY negative talk, about anything, and especially not yourself. Continue to think and say positive things all day, and if you slip up, correct yourself. If you mess up on something, say something like “It’s okay, I will do better next time,” or if your co-worker is complaining, tell them that “Sometimes life is hard, but there’s no need for us to be hard on ourselves.”

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– Ladies and Company

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Love Yourself Challenge Week 6: Self-Reflection

So this week’s love yourself challenge was to do some self-reflection. I’m sure we’ve all seen and read blogs about self-reflection, so I took a personal spin to the topic. This summer I’ve grown closer in my walk with God which has led resulted in major moments of reflecting. I believe when you allow God to be the lead and guide your steps, HE allows self-reflecting to manifest. When rely and depend on God you gain a clearer outlook on yourself, others and where your journey in life. When focusing on your relationship with God, you gain joy, peace, love, patience, forgiveness and understanding not only for others but for yourself as well. He allows you to become more aware of HIS plan for your life. God truly allows you to see yourself for who you are, where you are and where you are going.

Life changes aren’t always easy and sometimes growing in God and yourself is difficult as it will reveal some tough truths about yourself you aren’t necessarily ready to face or conquer. Reflecting with God on yourself, allows you to eventually forgive those who have wrong you and forgive yourself for tolerating their idiocy which lead to change and growth. For what does not change, does not grow. During this time of reflection, you will experience tears, heartaches and pain but it’s totally worth it in the end. The growth the people will see as a result from the changes you’ve made will continue to push you to higher heights.

How did you self-reflect this week? Share below in the comments section!

– A. Rochell

Love Yourself Challenge: Week 6

Week 6: Self-Reflection

This week is a week of self-reflection. Think about and write out all the ways you could love yourself better. It could be: spending more (or less) on your appearance, doing more things that make you happy, cutting out the dead weight of your life, exercising more, or cutting yourself some slack when you fall a little short of your goals. Make a promise to Yourself to improve on these things this month!

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– Ladies and Company

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Week 5: Treat Yourself

We have made it to week 5 of the “Love Yourself Like a Queen Challenge,” and this week was a great one. This week we were supposed to treat ourselves. I have been treating myself since my 21st birthday 2 weeks ago but this week I did a special treat. I did what India Arie did: Had a private party.

My party on lasted about an hour and a half but it was great! Just for reference the song goes:

I’m havin’ a private party

Ain’t no one here but me, my angels and my guitar

Singing baby look how far you’ve come, yeah

I’m havin’ a private party

Learning how to love me

Celebrating the woman I’ve become yeah

That’s just the chorus but if you have a chance, go check it out!

I silenced my phone as to not to be disturbed by group messages and emails. I drew a bath and turned the lights off as I enjoyed myself in total darkness and silence. Everything was still. Once out, I bumped some India starting off with the song Private Party, and danced around the house. I wrote some new affirmations to stick to my bathroom mirror. After that I got dressed did my hair and make-up and headed out to the town to have some soul food with my family. Something I rarely eat but utterly enjoy. I even had a drink because, hey, I am 21 now! It was great. I encourage everyone to have a private party every now and then where you are not focused on anything or anyone but yourself, and loving the woman you’ve become.

Peace, Love and Harmony,


Love Yourself Challenge: Week 5

Week 5: Treat Yourself! Week 5, let’s get live! Treat yourself to something amazing! A long bubble bath, a relaxing day at the beach, a warm and cozy night in your bed with a good book (or Netflix), book a massage, go out to a fancy dinner, a mani/

Week 5, let’s get live! Treat yourself to something amazing! A long bubble bath, a relaxing day at the beach, a warm and cozy night in your bed with a good book (or Netflix), book a massage, go out to a fancy dinner, a mani/pedi or anything that is a treat for you! Just do something to make yourself feel pampered. You deserve it!

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– Ladies and Company

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Love Yourself Challenge Week Four: Positive Mantra

This week’s Challenge was to come up with a positive mantra to place around me that would be a daily reminder of my life missions, and encouragement for the days that get a little rough. Throughout my life, I have had many mantras to get me through tough situations in my life. For me, these mantras have just been a way to calm myself down when things are getting hectic and disorganized in my life. Normally they are very specific to whatever situation I am going through. When I was struggling with my self-esteem and image, I had the mantra: “You Are Enough.” It literally helped me when I would get denied opportunities, or relationships, or anything. I had to remind myself that no matter what, God gave me every tool I needed to make it in this life.

Recently I’ve been enjoying life so much more, I thought it was time to upgrade my mantra. Right now my mantra is: “Peace in the storms, Adventure in the good times, Happiness and Love Always, God Forever.” So my mantra is a little long, but each part is applicable to anyone’s life. “Peace in the storms,” my granddad said this to me once during a hurricane and its stuck with me ever since. This part isn’t just for physical storms (although they are pretty scary!), but also metaphorical storms in your life. When everything seems to be going badly, or things are out of  your control, peace is the only thing that will calm you down because the majority of life is out of our control anyways. “Adventure in the good times,” is just a reminder that I should be taking every opportunity to get out and explore the world. I think that I am too scared to do a lot of things, and fear holds so many people back from their dreams! “Happiness and Love always” because the world needs more happy people, as well as people who love fearlessly and passionately. I am trying to love people more genuinely, and just make sure everyone that I encounter obtains a little more happiness from knowing/meeting me. “God Forever” is a tribute to my ever growing relationship with God, that I am working very hard to improve daily.

Keep It Classy,


Love Yourself Challenge: Week 4

Week 4: Positive Mantra

Come Up with a positive mantra for yourself to place around your room, house, bathroom, on your cell phone, and anywhere else you would look on a daily basis. So the Mantra is like a mini pep talk in one sentence or two. For Example: “You are more than enough,” “You are a Goddess,” “You are the most beautiful and deserving of all positive energies person in the world,” “You is Kind, You is smart, You is important,” or anything like that. Comment Below with what your mantra is!

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– Ladies and Company

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Love Yourself Challenge Week Three: Meditate On This!

So week three’s challenge was to take 3 minutes of my day, and really think about this quote and what it means. “People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder,” -Salma Hayek.

Meditating on this quote gave me the opportunity to more deeply understand how I view beauty. Beauty is different to everyone. I am the beholder of beauty. I am the judge of what is beautiful to me. When I journey throughout my day I notice things, I notice the earth, other people, my environment, and myself. I think to myself of the things I long to see, and I awe at sights that I deem beautiful. It is so easy to look into the mirror and to think that I am not beautiful, but it is also so easy to look into the mirror and to think wow I’m so beautiful. When I look in the mirror I either see myself how I think other people see me or how I truly see myself. How I truly see myself is always more positive than how I think others view me. I’m not sure why so often when I look into the mirror I think of how others see me first. The truth is that I will never know how others see me, so it is pointless for me to try to imagine. I am beautiful to me and that is all that matters. God granted me, and no one else, authority over my body. Therefore, I should never give someone else power over me by placing their opinions of myself above my own. When I look in the mirror I see God’s precious daughter. I see a Godly woman destined for greatness. I see God’s masterpiece, a one of a kind sculpture. When I look in the mirror I see my beauty. I see my perfections and my flaws and I marvel at how they work together to make me who I am. We are the beholders of our own beauty. No one else should ever hold that power over us. We are beautiful, we are God’s magnificent creations.

With Love,

– Heather

Love Yourself Challenge: Week 3

Week 3: Meditate on this!

Take 3 minutes of your entire week, and really think about this quote and what it means.

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder,” -Salma Hayek.

How can you apply this quote to your life? In my opinion, you could apply it by not comparing yourself to every celebrity or social media guru on the Internet.

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– Ladies and Company

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