Love Yourself Challenge Week Two: 25 Reasons Why You Love Yourself

Ladies & Co. introduced the “Love Yourself Like A Queen” challenge last week and it’s already making an impact!  The 7-week challenge was created for women to self-reflect and look within ourselves through God. Last week we wrote love letters to our first loves, ourselves! Week 2’s activity was to think about 25 reasons you love yourself and I’m honored to be sharing my reasons. 25 reasons should come easy to a woman of confidence, but it took more time than anticipated to create my list.  I even had to pull in love ones to complete it, but this is my perfect list! Week 2’s challenge wasn’t just about the list, it was an activity to look from within to examine yourself in a positive light. In this life, we are our worst critics but this gave us an opportunity to reflect on the elements, characteristics and qualities that make us the beautiful queens we are!

What you love about yourself

  1. I am a child of God.
  2. I work hard to achieve my goals.
  3. I’m more actively involved in church.
  4. I’m acknowledging who I am.
  5. I’m content in my own skin and with my connection to God.
  6. I’m more aware of who I can depend on.
  7. I’m learning not to let anyone or anything steal my joy.
  8. I am recognizing my own self-worth.
  9. I’m appreciating all the wisdom my parents have shared with me.
  10. I’m walking in my purpose.
  11. I have a 5-10 year plan for my life (knowing everything does not always go according to this plan).
  12. The love, passion and commitment I have for seniors, children, and people in need.
  13. I am not allowing stress to control my behavior.
  14. I’m learning to broaden my horizons.
  15. I’m discovering my happy place!
  16. I’m becoming more humble in my journey.
  17. I know that I am made in God’s image so I am beautiful just the way I am.
  18. I am my sister’s keeper.
  19. I love to motivate and encourage those around me.
  20. I am family oriented.
  21. I have the hope and faith that our generation will positively impact the world.
  22. I am open to what God has in store for me.
  23. I try to see the good in all people.
  24. I’ve been transforming my mind, body and soul to be healthier.
  25. I am a phenomenal woman!



Thoughts of a confused heart

Love is a very complicated thing that most people want it. Why? Love causes you so much headache but who wants to be alone forever? Love isn’t suppose to be a stressful thing. When you look at movies love for the most part looks beautiful but in reality it isn’t. In the bible, it says love is patient, love is kind and it’s felt most when it’s genuine. But let’s go back to reality, love takes a lot of work. It doesn’t come over night but who wants to work that hard for one person when they can be replaced.

On the other hand, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but the real question is, is it worth the risk? Should you stay or should you go? After you put all the work, heartache and stress into one person when is the time to leave or should you continue to put in the stress, heartache and work. When is enough, enough? When should you give up? Or should you give up? Is love still enough in this generation? Can you go off your parent’s relationship? Their relationship isn’t perfect either… Will you end up like them or can you learn from their mistakes? Sometimes you have to release to grow but in that time what if they move on and you end up realizing they weren’t the person for you.

Sometimes you wish God can just give you the answers but in reality he’s waiting on you to take the next move. He knows what he wants for you but he wants you to take the path. That’s the hard part! You’re scared to move because you don’t want to regret anything but sometimes you have to fail in order to grow. Being afraid holds you back from what’s for you but you just have to believe. You cannot be afraid to lose a person in order to grow if they love you they will wait; if not it wasn’t meant to be!

So the final question should you stay or release? Neither side is perfect, but is pushing through it helping or harming? They’ve both made progress but are they ready to be in a relationship where they have to share their throne? Are they ready to work through their problems together? Are they ready to depend on each other? They may be young but they have so much love for each other. They don’t have many people on their corner because of the back and forth but should that matter? Are they fighting to prove them wrong or fighting for themselves? The question again should they fight now or release and see where the future takes them? Not saying they’re going to wait on each other but just trying to go with the flow of life. They both have promising futures but are they meant to meet later on life or just to be good friends for each other for support?

So many questions with not many answers, sounds like life to me.

– A. Rochell

I Cannot Do It Alone,

Word by Seth Martin.

Luke 13:10-13 – (The Message Version) “He was teaching in one of the meeting places on the Sabbath. There was a woman present, so twisted and bent over with arthritis that she couldn’t even look up. She had been afflicted with this for eighteen years. When Jesus saw her, he called her over. “Woman, you’re free!” He laid hands on her and suddenly she was standing straight and tall, giving glory to God.”

There are some problems that you can’t handle on your own. The good news is that God can fix it. Take your issues to Christ! When you leave. Take the issues and struggles to Christ.

How do you take your issues to The Lord?

Step 1: Go to the temple. (Verse 10) The woman came to the temple. Synagogue and temple = church. If you’re going to get the issues laid out. You have to make your way to the temple! You can’t afford to miss church. The women made her way to the temple and did not care what anyone had to say about her, or think about her. She had relentless desire, despite her own pain. She was not going to let herself stop her from going to church.

Step 2: Relinquished control. (Verse 11) She tried to raise herself up before. She attempted to fix the problem herself. She stopped trying to fix to he issues herself. She GAVE CONTROL TO JESUS! When you come to the temple, you have to give up control! Trust and depend totally on him. “God I’m going trust in you to fix it.”

Step 3: Adhere to the Lord’s call. (Verse 12 – 13) She was obedient to what The Lord said to do. OBEY. When God tells you to do something YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT!! “Can’t ask God to fix the relationship, and then He tell to drop the person you are in a relationships with, don’t continue to “chill” with them!” Obedience is better than sacrifice! When you’re obedient, God decides to bless you! When you get delivered from your circumstance, don’t act like you did it, ACT LIKE GOD DID IT!!