Mid-Week Memo: 3/1

“Your past is just a story. And once you realize this, it has no power over you.”

Mid-Week Memo – 12/7

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.”

– Michelle Obama

Sunday SoapBox: Practice Self-Care

Self-care is ANY activity that you do to help maintain your health – not just physical, but also mental and emotional health. It’s often done to help a person when they are feeling overwhelmed with their daily lives. I am always saying that I am going to practice more self-care, but often I am putting it at the bottom of the totem pole of my responsibilities.

My friends who are in business always say, “Pay Yourself First,” The same should go for your self-care time. So starting today, I am going to take time once a week to practice more self-care. Quite frankly, I deserve it, and you do too.

Here are some examples of self-care that are pretty simple that you can easily integrate into your life:

  • Sit in silence and meditate for 15 minutes: I promise you won’t miss anything in those minutes
  • Go for a walk: Especially now that it is fall and the weather and trees are beautiful, just a quick walk down the street.
  • Declutter your space: You don’t have to do an entire overhaul of your house, maybe just straighten up your desk!
  • Spend an hour alone doing something you love: It could be a bubble bath, or drinking Starbucks, or reading a novel

What are some of your favorite self-care practices? Share below in the comments (because I want to add to my list!)


– Tanesha

Sunday Soapbox: Where You Need to Be. 

I saw a quote by Tracee Ellis Ross that said “May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me and not terrify me.” And I realized I’m terrified of that space! I’m literally living right in the middle of the end of my undergrad years, and where I want to be seems so far ahead in the distance. And I keep trying to do a little bit here, and a little bit there – trying to bridge the gap but I realized that I’m probably right where I need to be.
You can’t build to your character, patience, endurance, perseverance by living a life that works out perfectly every single time. Those things don’t come from getting what you want, those things come from trials & error, suffering, getting knocked down (and standing back up). Even if you’re not where you want to be right now, you’ll end up exactly where you need to be. Day by day. Step by step. Inch by inch. little by little. You’ll get there. I promise. And I completely believe that, at the end of the day – one day I will be exactly where I want to be.

Monday Thoughts: Run Yours

Stay in your lane and focus only on the race you are running! Once you start dipping into others’ lanes and trying to run their races, you’ll miss the blessings that are ONLY in your lane. There’s always seems to be this little nagging voice in our minds that make us want to compare our races and lanes to another person. Truthfully, what they are doing in their lane is none of your business. Everyone’s race is not even the same, nor can we see their entire lane. You might be running cross country race and your friend might be a sprinter. But if you would try to jump over there – not only would you not know what you’re doing – but you’re also paying attention to the wrong goal. Focus on & Run yours.

Be Blessed,

– T. Renae

Who to Follow for Instagram Inspiration

Need an Instagram Pick Me Up? Here are some of the top people, and blogs I follow on Instagram that NEVER fail to inspire me. They are in no order, but I just love them so much! To be honest, I am not even sure how I began following them in the first place, but I am so glad I did!

  • @WifeyNTraining – I love their Instagram, they post the cutest inspirational quotes, about preparing yourself to be a great wife. They also post cute couple pictures, that give me so much hope in love. I personally love the little wifey tips that they have recently started doing.
  • @heatherllove – Her Instagram (and facebook page, and blog and life) is such a great representation of Christ. She is always posting about her family, her kids, husband and (my favorite part) the great Word of Jesus. She also gives little interpretations of the word, as well as how to apply it to our lives. It is really great (in my opinion) how she posts about her daily struggles as a woman of God, and it makes me feel like she’s down to earth and is like me with my walk with God.
  • @heragenda – This blog motivates me so much to just start my own business and be my own boss! They’re always posting opportunities, inspiration, and information and yes I took this from their bio – but its so true!!
  • @aqueensworth – This Instagram inspires me so much. They always post such positive and re-affirming words that allow young women to really evaluate some of the situations we, as women, place ourselves in, as well as realize our self-worth. They also have really cute clothes to be purchased!
  • @lauralacquer – Her entire life is goals. I follow her mainly because I want my life to be (or at least) seem as perfect as hers is. She has two beautiful little girls, and both Laura and her husband are medical doctors! Follow her if you just want a dose of two cute little babies, even cuter clothes, her bomb (and very handsome) husband and her life as a Harvard M.D.
  • @LadiesandCompany – and last but certainly not least, be sure to follow us on Instagram for our inspirational posts, as well as keep up to date on our blog happenings!

Be sure to check out these ladies’ inspirational Instagram accounts.

Keep It Classy,

– T. Renae

**I was not paid or provided with any compensation for these endorsements. I just really love these ladies’ pages. 

Love Yourself Challenge: Week 4

Week 4: Positive Mantra

Come Up with a positive mantra for yourself to place around your room, house, bathroom, on your cell phone, and anywhere else you would look on a daily basis. So the Mantra is like a mini pep talk in one sentence or two. For Example: “You are more than enough,” “You are a Goddess,” “You are the most beautiful and deserving of all positive energies person in the world,” “You is Kind, You is smart, You is important,” or anything like that. Comment Below with what your mantra is!

Share Your Experience With Us in the Comments!

– Ladies and Company

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How to start working out (and stick with it)!

Decide you are going to change your lifestyle. Literally this is one of the hardest part of starting to work out. Make the decision to start working out. Start next week, or today, or tomorrow. If you pick a day in the future. STICK TO IT! Do not keep pushing it back. This is basically a date with yourself, why reschedule? Just start!

Pick somewhere you are comfortable with working out at. Maybe it’s the free gym on campus, in your dorm room, at home, Planet fitness, One Life or wherever! Just find somewhere were you feel good about going to work out! (Me personally, I love going to Planet Fitness. I don’t feel judged, or like I have anything to prove to anyone but myself. ) You could even start with doing a challenge like the one below.
Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.43.11 PM
Get a workout partner. A workout partner isn’t just someone to work out with, it’s someone to hold you accountable to keep you on the right path! They can also motivate you to keep pushing yourself further.
Eat healthier. I’m not saying, Cut out all the junk food in your life cold turkey, unless you’re really about that life (I am not). I’m saying make healthier food choices, really control your portions, drink a lot more water, get healthier snacks.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you miss a day, or eat something super fatty, it’s OK! Just be sure to get back on track, and do not waver on you path. In my opinion I would worry less about the number on the scale, but more about how you look (before and after pictures!!) and how you feel.  And don’t compare your workout journey to anyone else’s. Your body is as unique as your fingerprints, so how your body changes and the rate at which it changes will be different from anyone else’s.
Overall, just start somewhere and keep going!
How I got started working out: I really started by doing the mini 30 day challenges, and then eventually upgraded to doing like 4 at a time, and then really upgrading to going to the gym. So right now I go to the gym, do a challenge or two, and starting Monday (May 4th) drinking a gallon of water a day (I will do a before and after review in 4-5 weeks)!
Slow and steady wins the race and good luck with your healthier lifestyle transition.
Keep it Classy,
– T.Renae