Live Better, Feel Better

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Back at the beginning of the year, I had decided that my only New Years’ resolution was to be a better person all the way around – mentally, physically, emotionally.

For years, I’ve experienced low self-esteem as well as many years of verbal assaults. “Fat girls shouldn’t wear this.” “You’re too big to wear that.” But, I decided that I didn’t want that to be who I was. I didn’t want to allow other people’s thoughts and opinion to play such a huge factor in my life. I wanted to gain back control of how I view myself and now allow other’s opinions to taint how I view myself.

So on April 16, I decided to start back hitting the gym. I am a plus sized girl, so hitting the gym came with a lot of anxiety. I was afraid of what people would think about me being a bigger girl working out, not really knowing exactly what I was doing, or people thinking that I’m just doing this to get skinny. None of that is the case, I am literally just trying to gain control of how I feel about myself.

So, I started working out. It’s not about the weight-loss or getting skinny, it is more so about me gaining control and loving who I am. I was afraid, but now I feel more empowered. Which has made me want to live my best life. So getting healthy has made me start living my life a little bit better. I don’t worry as much about what I am wearing, or how I look.

Once you start living your life to your fullest potential, unapologetically – you will ultimately feel so much better. Your insides will begin to be reflected in your outward interactions and life.

In what was are you going to start living better – share below in the comments! I want to start improving other aspects of my life as well (such as my living in love (with actions), or spiritually, mentally, etc.)

Love Always,

– Tanesha J.


12 Months to a Healthier You


Hey ladies, and I’m sure we have a few gents who follow our blog as well, hey to y’all too! Happy New Year!!!!! I want to first apologize for not being as dedicated in the past year, life was UBER crazy and I spent half of the year studying abroad!!! However, that is a post for a different day.

This post is dedicated to kicking off a 2016 and maintaining an equally year. I would like to introduce to you The L&C Twelve Months to a Better You Challenge. This is a year-long challenge, and every month there will be a post introducing what the challenge is for the month. The catch: you have to maintain the challenge from the month before into the next month. For instance, if January’s challenge is to watch more T.V. (it’s not) then when I introduce February’s challenge you have to add that to what January’s challenge is. Got it? Okay, let’s get started!


This month should be the easiest. Drink more water!! That’s it! Studies have shown that drinking more water helps us lose weight because we stay fuller longer. Water also helps cleanse your intestines of toxins and other debris. Now I know that for a long time we were told to drink eight glasses of water a day but that is not necessarily true. We all have different body types shapes and sizes. I want to urge you to drink half your body weight. You don’t have to start with that but by the end of the month I want you to promise Ladies and Company that you will work your way up to drinking half your weight and we will do the same to you. Below is a chart of how many cups of water you should drink depending on your weight. The chart doesn’t give all of the possible weights a person can have but if you want to drink the correct amount of water, use this formula:

Your Weight  x  0.5  =   The # of oz of water a day


Let the drinking begin!! Good luck!

Peace Love and Health,

Averi Simone




How to start working out (and stick with it)!

Decide you are going to change your lifestyle. Literally this is one of the hardest part of starting to work out. Make the decision to start working out. Start next week, or today, or tomorrow. If you pick a day in the future. STICK TO IT! Do not keep pushing it back. This is basically a date with yourself, why reschedule? Just start!

Pick somewhere you are comfortable with working out at. Maybe it’s the free gym on campus, in your dorm room, at home, Planet fitness, One Life or wherever! Just find somewhere were you feel good about going to work out! (Me personally, I love going to Planet Fitness. I don’t feel judged, or like I have anything to prove to anyone but myself. ) You could even start with doing a challenge like the one below.
Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.43.11 PM
Get a workout partner. A workout partner isn’t just someone to work out with, it’s someone to hold you accountable to keep you on the right path! They can also motivate you to keep pushing yourself further.
Eat healthier. I’m not saying, Cut out all the junk food in your life cold turkey, unless you’re really about that life (I am not). I’m saying make healthier food choices, really control your portions, drink a lot more water, get healthier snacks.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you miss a day, or eat something super fatty, it’s OK! Just be sure to get back on track, and do not waver on you path. In my opinion I would worry less about the number on the scale, but more about how you look (before and after pictures!!) and how you feel.  And don’t compare your workout journey to anyone else’s. Your body is as unique as your fingerprints, so how your body changes and the rate at which it changes will be different from anyone else’s.
Overall, just start somewhere and keep going!
How I got started working out: I really started by doing the mini 30 day challenges, and then eventually upgraded to doing like 4 at a time, and then really upgrading to going to the gym. So right now I go to the gym, do a challenge or two, and starting Monday (May 4th) drinking a gallon of water a day (I will do a before and after review in 4-5 weeks)!
Slow and steady wins the race and good luck with your healthier lifestyle transition.
Keep it Classy,
– T.Renae