Love Yourself Challenge Week Four: Positive Mantra

This week’s Challenge was to come up with a positive mantra to place around me that would be a daily reminder of my life missions, and encouragement for the days that get a little rough. Throughout my life, I have had many mantras to get me through tough situations in my life. For me, these mantras have just been a way to calm myself down when things are getting hectic and disorganized in my life. Normally they are very specific to whatever situation I am going through. When I was struggling with my self-esteem and image, I had the mantra: “You Are Enough.” It literally helped me when I would get denied opportunities, or relationships, or anything. I had to remind myself that no matter what, God gave me every tool I needed to make it in this life.

Recently I’ve been enjoying life so much more, I thought it was time to upgrade my mantra. Right now my mantra is: “Peace in the storms, Adventure in the good times, Happiness and Love Always, God Forever.” So my mantra is a little long, but each part is applicable to anyone’s life. “Peace in the storms,” my granddad said this to me once during a hurricane and its stuck with me ever since. This part isn’t just for physical storms (although they are pretty scary!), but also metaphorical storms in your life. When everything seems to be going badly, or things are out of  your control, peace is the only thing that will calm you down because the majority of life is out of our control anyways. “Adventure in the good times,” is just a reminder that I should be taking every opportunity to get out and explore the world. I think that I am too scared to do a lot of things, and fear holds so many people back from their dreams! “Happiness and Love always” because the world needs more happy people, as well as people who love fearlessly and passionately. I am trying to love people more genuinely, and just make sure everyone that I encounter obtains a little more happiness from knowing/meeting me. “God Forever” is a tribute to my ever growing relationship with God, that I am working very hard to improve daily.

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Love Yourself Challenge: Week 4

Week 4: Positive Mantra

Come Up with a positive mantra for yourself to place around your room, house, bathroom, on your cell phone, and anywhere else you would look on a daily basis. So the Mantra is like a mini pep talk in one sentence or two. For Example: “You are more than enough,” “You are a Goddess,” “You are the most beautiful and deserving of all positive energies person in the world,” “You is Kind, You is smart, You is important,” or anything like that. Comment Below with what your mantra is!

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Sometimes when life starts to get super overwhelming, and negative things start to weigh me down, I wish I could just snap my fingers, spin around three times, and say “Negativity Be Gone,” in my most spellbinding voice and all of those bad things and bad feelings would just disappear. However, that is not how life works, but wouldn’t that be nice. Your life is COMPLETELY in your control, whether you believe it or not. So if there is too much negativity around you GET RID OF IT. Negativity could be honestly anything: bad habits, bad people who complain a lot, your own complaining, too much social media or anything that does not give you good vibes. Biting your nails, drinking soda, whatever you feel is hindering you from being who you want to be GET RID OF IT! Getting rid of all of your negative or bad habits, is not going to happen over night, however if you work on it very diligently, you can do it! I know what you’re thinking, “Tanesha we can’t get rid of all things negative, because do not control how people treat us. What if people treat us negatively?” So what I would say to this is that people only treat them how you allow. This is by far the hardest thing I have EVER had to learn. You may not be directly saying, “hey come be mean to me,” but how you react and behave afterwards does. I have learned through trial and error, if you don’t react to those types of people. Also you could also remember if you just don’t let those things effect you any more, which takes time. “What Sally says of Susie, says more about Sally than Susie.” It takes 21 days to build a habit, so if you do good things for 21 days, you will be able to get rid of all negativity. So if you want to stop complaining, try it for 21 days! Start your new life, Today!

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