Four Gorgeous Styles for Valentine’s Day

Hey ladies! So Valentine’s Day is coming up and whether you are going out with your boo or your best friends you want to look fly so I am going to show you four styles I have done with my hair that will complement that outfit you have been dying to wear.

Now I have natural hair but these styles can be done on permed, natural, weave, or transitioning hair. Let us know if you tried one of these styles for V-Day!!!


  1. Braided Up do

This style for me was fun, although it did have its challenges.  For this style you will need ponytail holders, a hard brush, gel of your choice, bobby pins and two packs of kanekalon hair and some rubber bands. If you have short to medium hair, you may want to blow dry or stretch your hair well so that you can put your hair in two pony tails. First you will part your hair from ear to ear making a front section and a back section. Then you want to put each section in a little pony bun at the top of your head (make sure they still look like two separate buns) making one slightly off centered and gelling the sides and your edges. After making the buns take a pack of kanekalon hair, leave the rubber band on it and braid it. Do the same with the other pack. Take one pack of hair and use the rubber band to attach the hair to the bun in the back and wrap it around to make a bigger bun. Make sure your hair is not showing. Then with the front bun do the same by attaching the rubber band to the front bun and make sort of a bang and pin the braid in place making sure that that bun is covered also. There you go! A sleek up do that will last through a night of twerking.


  1. Perm Rod Set

This style lasts a long time and will make you feel absolutely flawless. You will need some setting lotion, perm rods (I used the purple ones but I advise smaller ones like gray or white), a comb, and a hood dryer (optional). Just take your time and put on some music as you section, set, roll and possibly sit if you desire. My hair does not always cooperate so when I use no heat the curl is more like a wave.


  1. Bantu Knot out

For this style I used a Denman brush, Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, and you can use rubber bands if you choose too. This style can be done on freshly washed damp hair or dry stretched hair. Section a piece of hair brush it, apply a holding lotion of choice and I prefer to two-strand twist my hair and then bantu knot it so 1. It is easier to bantu and 2. It comes out curlier than if I just wrapped it around itself.


  1. Wand Curls

I know a lot of naturals are like “no heat” but I am a firm believer in heat every now and then is okay but don’t over-do it. With most of the heat styles I will blow dry it one day and curl it the next and then I don’t put any more heat into until the next occasion I feel like doing a heated style. For this style I washed my hair, did a protein treatment and then put a hydration conditioner in my hair and bunned it up for a week. After a week of bunning and not standing my hair I decided to hot comb it since it had been stretched and to get a polished look. The next day I took my ½ to 1inch curling wand and did small sections of curls all over my head scrunch in some holding mousse. At night time I pineapple my hair into a bonnet and go to sleep.


7 Ways to Piss off a Natural Girl

  1. Touch My Hair

I appreciate your loving glances and looks of awe at this magical crown of hair on my head. I might smile generously to show my appreciation of your admiration, but I promise this is NOT an invitation for you to reach out and touch my hair. It surprises me how many people (white AND black) will seriously graze their fingers over my natural hair. Also, DON’T assume that I’m going to say yes to touch it. Sometimes people ask just as a formality with their hands already outstretched and that’s irritating. Keep your hands to yourself. One because it’s creepy and uncomfortable and two, because this actually took a lot of time, oil, products, detangling, twisting, and knotting to get it to this level of perfection and you’re ruining it!

  1. The “Just-Add-Water” Assumption

I don’t know why people assume that natural hair girls simply spray their hair with water, shake like a wet dog and stroll out the door with a cute ‘do. When in reality what actually happens is a long process and you have to style it at least sometimes. Even if I skip the perm-rod set or Bantu-knot twist out, I still have to put in some kind of product or, at the very least, oil. So this whole “you’re natural it must only take you a few seconds to get ready” is some bull. Stop assuming and appreciate the hours of work I put to achieve the perfect coils, kinks, and curls.


  1. Ask “Is it supposed to look like that?”

The beauty of natural hair is that it kind of does its own thing. This was hard for the control freak in me when I wanted every curl and coil to spiral in the same direction and lay the same way. The reality is, my hair is going to go in every which way it wants so don’t ask me if it’s “supposed to look like that” because odds are, it’s not supposed to, but it does and your question only irritates me further.


  1. Pressure to straighten

I wear my hair in its natural state for a reason. I can do many things with my hair but for whatever reasons I choose, straightening it is not one I want to do. It’s insulting to insinuate that in order for me to look presentable enough to show up somewhere with you, my hair must be straight. Not to mention the time I stand to lose, and the heat damage I stand to gain from the press of a hot comb. Also, stop suggesting things like “just imagine your hair straight”, or “you should really straighten it sometimes!” or “you need to come over and just let me straighten it.” Friends don’t let friends suffer heat damage!


  1. Designate them as a Rain-person

Few things are more irritating than when it’s a torrential downpour outside but somehow as the natural hair person I automatically get volunteered to fetch anything that’s out in the rain, or denied the right to huddle under the umbrella. Or if I’m hustling to get out of the rain and someone turns to me and says “Why are you running you don’t have anything to worry about.” My hair is not waterproof. My makeup, clothes, and shoes aren’t either.


  1. Criticize Weaves and Wigs

I view hair as art and expression. Some express their creativeness with make-up or clothes, but I enjoy changing my hair style once a month on average. Maybe my hair isn’t the color, length or texture to achieve some of the styles that I desire. Or maybe I want to protect my hair from harsh styling and restyling. Either way, wearing weaves and wigs every now and then doesn’t exclude me from being a naturalista. As long as the hair growing from my head is not chemically treated, I can still call myself a natural chick.


  1. Use the word Nappy

4c hair is not any less natural than 3c. This ridiculous notion that you have to have mixed chicks-esque coils to be “natural” should cease and desist immediately. All textures, colors, and lengths are beautiful. That’s the point of being NATURAL, displaying yourself and your hair in its natural form and stage. So please stop putting those gorgeous sisters down. Natural is a hard thing to embrace at times, and we don’t need YOU curl-shamers to make it any more difficult.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.33.56 PM

– Aliah W.